4A service

4A 服務體系

Ever Motor sets a new benchmark service standard to guide the team in consistently delivering exceptional customer service.

We are your reliable partner, taking full responsibility for our products throughout the entire period of collaboration, committed to resolve issues to attain successful outcomes.
Our teams are precisely aligned with the customers’ teams to facilitate coordination and become flexible in responding to customers demand.
We are customer-centric and guided by the practical and dedicated work ethics, in order to better work with our customers to accomplish their objectives.
Our teams possess the expertise and technology to collaborate with leading enterprises and create a mutually-beneficial promising future together.


Ever Motor integrates industry knowledge, professional teams and a global perspective, striving to provide precise coordination and exceptional service in every aspect.

Professional service
We are committed to facilitating coordination and timely response between our teams and customers while addressing specific issues, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products and services.
Customized solution
Our team will quickly respond to your needs and demands and propose the optimal solution after careful analysis.
Export service
We offer one-stop service to assist our customers with import, export, customs declaration and relevant qualifications and forms for different countries accordingly.
After-sales service
We provide ongoing assistance and support on maintenance, upgrades, analysis of quality issues, and product recommendations.


Ever Motor has always been customer-centric and strives to provide first-class customized solutions with a degree of dedication and professionalism in each service area.

Production Planning Department
  • On-time delivery: 100% timely production and delivery for mass production, and samples can be delivered within 30 days.
  • Production capacity: 20 production lines utilizing automation equipment, with a monthly production capacity of motors over 1 million pieces.
  • Production integration: Inhouse injection molding workshop, metal stamping workshop, rotor winding and coating workshop, motor assembly workshop and SMT workshop which allows production process is carried under strict cost and quality control measures.
  • Lean production: Implementation of ERP, WMS and other automated software systems which enhance work efficiency.
R&D Engineering Department
  • Expertise: Our experienced engineering teams are capable of providing comprehensive support for early-stage product development.
  • Innovation: We collaborate closely with our customers during early research and development stage and are committed to provide support in the design and development of products in areas such as the automotive, home appliances and other emerging industries.
Quality Control Department
  • Strict control: All production processes strictly adhere to the automotive requirements and standards
Sales Department
  • Responsiveness to demand: Prompt response to issues and demands in all the sales and services processes.
  • Follow-up and tracking: Conducting product follow-ups through questionnaire surveys, communication and other measures.